did you see dane surf yesterday?

Wow!  Did the game change right before our eyes? Earlier in the day he told Blakey that he had not figured out how to put a heat together … then ..

changed boards and blasted off.  Three to the beach has left ASP scoring a bit ago, but Dane Reynolds put together a video part of a round with barrels and fin free surfing.  To top it off, he did not seem like the – what ever – Dane, he may not have had that deep down need to win, but he did have that – I can show the world what in can do in a 30 minute heat.  We’ll see if they finish of the three remaining mens heats today … but as Slater said, that was the first heat to freak him out.  check out the wave of the day or heat on demand, if you have any love of surfing, it is a must Dane Reynolds Quarters Wave of the Day @  http://www.quiksilverpro.com.au/Heats.aspx#/139/512/


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