south africa – the journey begins

it is tough not to have expectations traveling to south africa, yet the emotions are tempered.  this trip is an open canvas to learn and experience while the nature of the profession requires – documentation. the southern tip of the dark continent – defined by rich resources and amazing people.

the day began with a symbol of fortune, with not enough time i decided to squeeze in a surf … and fate reaffirmed it was the correct call .. on a chest high right a dolphin shared the same experience … cruising on the shoulder 15 feet ahead it guided me before dropping below the surface.  who knows where its next stop was to be?  did it have an itinerary for the day?  that reminded me that i should not carry expectations to this land where 24 hours of travel will take me.  yes, there is a plan/agenda, but the chance encounters are what make life what it is.  accept all and deny none.  as my good friend berge’ would say, citizen of the world. thanks for following along.


2 thoughts on “south africa – the journey begins

  1. Stevie,
    Sounds magical. The shared ride story is amazing. If someone were to ask me to list 10 things I’d like to do before my “chapter” ends, that’d be one of ’em.
    Safe travels. Look forward to the story!

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