father huddleston

the holy barn

a great man that took a trip halfway around the world for me to learn about and understand his impact.  his contributions to nations, neighborhoods, and people are all inspiring.  but what he did for one young boy in sophiatown is the reason we are on this journey (link) hugh masekela and father huddleston

over 13 years in sophiatown, huddleston became a much-loved priest and respected anti-Apartheid activist, he fought tirelessly against the vicious Apartheid laws. the life and work of father huddleston (link) he was priest at christ the king anglican church and lived in sophiatown. his political involvement with the ANC was the cause for his recall to the uk. his ashes reside next to his former church.  sophiatown, was destroyed/leveld and new homes were built creating a white suburb called triomf (triumph)


One thought on “father huddleston

  1. What an incredible education you are getting. A true trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing and posting such stunning pics!

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