king for a day

A visit with the Xhosa people, pronounced cosa, continued to elevate the traditional dance game in South Africa.  A drive from East London that took us to the most beautiful fields ever seen.  The light, simply magical, for the entire dirt road adventure to the royal village.  Once on the scene, Sal and Hugh were met by chanting teens, leading them to the house of the king and queen.  A sheep was presented to the royalty with the Masekelas as an offering of respect with the honored guests, and it explained to us that during the dance it would be slaughtered and eaten after sunset, they also had to sip the local homemade brew out of a pail.  The praise chant cried “Selema, Selema, Selema” leading to the thought that he could be bbq’d with the little lamb, but not to be the case as Sal was an honored guest of the tribe and outfitted in traditional attire.  It was now the honored guests task to lead the local posse to the dance area in the field. Hugh with scepter and Sal in full regalia sat on a log as the dances were explained.  The painted faces added yet another texture to the dances we have seen this week.  The spirit was entertaining with the boys and girls and as with the other tribes the ladies of the house hold it down.  The energy continued until sunset while the sheep was sheared for its wool, skinned for clothing and cooked for eating.  A full moon rose over the fire pit and we thanked the people for the experience.  Sal will not rule this land, but is forever welcome on the land of the Xhosa.


2 thoughts on “king for a day

  1. what a privilege it is to experience all that you are seeing on this trip. thrill of a lifetime. my mother visited africa in the ’50s and was taken to tribal villages, where she was among massai people and others. this is even more special, lucky you.

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