70 years young

If you lived in the same town you were born in since 1931 the change witnessed in life would be enough to offer a lifetime of story.  What if you traveled the world entertaining from New York to Moscow?  What if you had a mentor who gave you every opportunity to educate you and hone your craft?  What if you spent thirty years in exile from the land and people that nurtured you?  At seventy would you be tired and take it a bit easier?  Hugh Masekela is as active as ever, tai chi five or six days a week balances a tour schedule, writing and recording.

He is non stop, when stopped by people in the street he in not celebrity … giving them everything they expect from him with a smile and a laugh.  As he says “hug is the first three letters of my name,” and he is not shy about it.  He is a legend, walking South African streets as an everyday man.

With the kids he will kick a soccer ball and as an entertainer he uses this stage possibly more than he ever has.  He returned back to South Africa for the first time in 1990 opening a new chapter in his life, but maybe the is the prequel as body seems to whatever the experienced mind demands.  Thank you for your honesty, being outspoken and giving us your Africa.


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