the return to africa

it is more than a day’s travel to the biggest event in the sporting world, always tough to leave home but ready for a world of experience.  yes, olympics, super bowls, world series, nba finals are all majors – but more eyes are on this event than any other.  for those of you in the usa tune into espn via any and all mediums ESPN Media Zone link it will be crazy.  will be back on the road with sal, if this is the main to the march appie … forget desert.  we will experience the apex predators and meet incredible humans  – hope to keep the blog up to date with our travels and sal will do the same on his site  sals page link and you know all the 411 will be on espn link .  the postings here will be insights to our experiences behind the stories and some pix too.  and the posts will also inform you when the segments will air. remember the Hock films project with sal and his father hugh will also be airing in the world cup.  the hours are counting down … cheers – and thanks for following.


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