the world cup is HERE

the concert last night was grand – a international set list, but for me – a 78 year old man stole the show

Tutu\’s concert speech take the time to understand the happiness of this event to this country via this link.

To see hugh masekela open the show after everythiung he has been through in his homeland including a 30 year exile set the tone, the black eyed peas have developed into an international party band and can kick start any heart around the world.  k’naan was amazing and the flag chant will be spontainous throuhout this event.  ALICIA KEYS was simply stated – amazing and the international blast built to shaikira and finale.

the concert was originally not going to include the local acts – thanks goodness for the pressures, because it made the evening special.

if that was the appie – today’s opening match between bafana bafana and mexico will be heard global.

… and if the host team wins … no words – just madness …


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