An animal locked in a cage, surveying the surroundings, using all of the senses.  The sights, gazing from head to toe and side to side, accessing the environment.  The sounds, loud and soft all with the ability to trigger sudden movement.  The taste and smells, scents are a primary trait when it comes to interest.  Touch – a fear on both sides of the cage.

Which side of the cage is being discussed here?  Over the past two weeks we have had encounters from the perspective of the zoo animal.

With Kevin Richardson, there was an incredible sense of comfort with lions inches away.  The urge of reaching out and touching one of them was only controlled by the knowledge that the animal would probably not really want that.  Kevin Richardson link

With Chris and Monique Fallows, we faced sharks – eye to eye.  Truly understanding their power and grace.  Less of a feeling to reach out and touch as they were in their food chain at Seal Island and we had witnessed the killing of seals. Chris and Monique Fallows link

The other side of the cage is incredible access into another world, both sides get the full check out.  These two visits make you wonder though, if life inside the cage is more valuable than life outside of the cage?  We as humans have a choice, zoo animals don’t, just think if they could do a day in a zoo and go home and report to their species what they witnessed.

Watch for the stories on ESPN’s coverage of the FIFA World Cup.


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