Got 900? Bob Burnquist sez YES!

A brief video / history of the 900 –

Tony broke ribs in a decade of figuring it out, and remember the final scene of The End when he was … that close???  Two and one half revolutions on a skateboard – 27 July 1999 – The multitude of attempts in San Fransisco was the first time a live television audience witnessed the dedication it takes to landing the unlandable.   Yes, progression, it may happen in parks around the universe, but the Birdman’s feat at a Best Trick session MADE SPORTSCENTER!  Eventually it became “do-able” on a vert ramp as Tony soon had it somewhat perfected and then others joined the party.  The Mega Ramp should have made it easy … right?  All that speed and all that air and all that time … Well Jake Brown and Bob have been working on it, both seeing it and feeling it but not landing it and Bob broke through the barrier this week.  In true Bob style – fakie to fakie.  A generation after T’s dream, a decade after he landed it and now we will just have to look to another half rotation to a 1080 on a skateboard.

Stoked for all!  And congrats to BobB!

Bob Burnquist’s Mega 9oo!

click this link Burnquist Mega 900 link or

Oakley interview here  link

Bob 2010 X Games 900 … so close

Jake Brown Mega 9 attempts at X

Tony Hawk – the first 900 in 1999

Super Heroes or Hell on Wheels, either way, thanks for the inspiration.


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