New York, New York – as my Mah sez “so great they named it twice”

Step out of the hotel and place the buds in the ears and hit shuffle.  Welcome to your soundtrack to a 25 block stroll.  Maybe stroll is the wrong word as the playlist seems to randomize from A Tribe Called Quest to The Ramones to Ice Cube to The Doors, because Central Park could be the only place for a stroll.  This city is in third gear even when things appear in slow motion.

There is a reason the NYC attracts all types, art and music have explained it for a hundred years – the yin and yang of Gotham.   Even through the headsets are booming, there is an awareness of the Tower of Babel with languages you recognize and don’t.  The seven year girl looks to the skies at the tallest building she has ever seen while the man in the suit looks down avoiding the residents of the streets.  Standing on the corner the green man light signals a Calvary and you negotiate the gap.  An accident happens at the corner and not a single head turns.  A sea of taxi yellow, a parade of NYPD blue.

The aromas and stenches of everything from trash to fresh bagels and every logo known to mankind seems to slip by.  Shuffle does not deliver Jay-Z or Frank, but it does not need too.  Grand old brick, modern reflecting glass.  People in shreds and people in nines.  Messenger bikes and skateboards on the commute.  Turn the corner a wind gusts reminding you of the energy.  A runway model steps off the curb with nothing but leg revealing with every stride while her mail counterpart tears strait out of the Armani ad gallantly checking his watch in pose.  Clever business names and avenues of fame.  Texting fingers fly by every set of hand that does not have the morning latte preventing such an act.  Smiles are out numbered by whatevers and stares, but that is just fine.

Opposites do not attract, here they compliment, creating the powerful textures that fuel Manhattan.  Find a quarter, but don’t pick it up, peel the plastic bag off that has just wrapped around your leg.  Avoid the lady with the squatting dog and dodge the four gangtas that own the sidewalk.  Fall in love, fall out of love.  Start an argument and walk away with both arms in the air.  Stop and scream GO YANKS or maybe hear JETS echoing in the alley.

I think I will take another route tomorrow on the morning commute with the guarantee I will happily see the same damn movie with a different soundtrack.     Mah .. I figured out why they named it twice … cuz there are two descriptions for every scene. … and you thought I wasn’t listening to you all these years.


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