Small World – Big Moon

Remember how the world felt like it was getting smaller?  Transportation and communication developments over the past 200+ years have been the factors of earth’s shrinkage.  There was a time when the only way to cross the sea was by boat, and the only way to communicate was a letter.  Planes, trains and automobiles allowed for exploration and ability to go see someone far away.  The telephone allowed for constant contact.  The World Wide Web, then shrank the planet even more – via video chat or email – global communication has become more efficient than ever before.  The written word is seemingly losing it’s power as disposable texts are the contemporary version of the great letters written by the likes of Abraham Lincoln or …  So, where is this ramble going? …

Pictures of the \”Super Moon\” – some other great moon pictures via this link

Last night’s very large moon in the sky was a reminder how big our planet really is.  Even though we were able to see live pictures from both Japan and Libya over the past few days, Earth’s size is visible via beliefs, cultures, opinions and reactions.  Science tells us that this planet is four billion years old.  No green movement is going to save the planet.  This spinning globe has seen species come and go, over and over again.  This is not survival of the fittest, as 9.0 earthquakes have happened for millions of years, and species have destroyed each other and themselves over need and greed ever since there was cell life.

Even though we are aware of what is happening on this sphere 24/7 via social media or news organizations, it’s not a small, small world getting smaller, it is a big volatile marble in space that will survive with or without life on it.  Planets do not go to reunions or conventions to boast about their possessions or achievements.  The moon looked beautiful last night, not happy or sad, not alive or dead, and it is probably the most loyal thing to this planet we call EARTH.


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