Monday Motivator #6 Pix and Paint – Stecyk

Craig R. Stecyk III was a large part of the definition of the surf/skate/punk/graffiti look of the Los Angeles beaches in the 1970s and his pictures and art of the Z-Boys publicized the skate revolution.


I was always around cameras. My dad was an early documenter of Hiroshima during World War II, though he would never talk about the nature of that assignment. I started shooting surfers in 1962 or ’63 — I was interested in documenting what I was seeing, and magazines weren’t doing it yet. The skate shots came later — just like there was demand for Miki Dora in surfing magazines, there was soon demand for Tony Alva. But I shot everything for no particular reason, which is what I still do today.” 

“In this country we spend over $5 billion a year on graffiti abatement and prevention. It’s strange to me. What’s the difference between the Sistine Chapel and the side of an underpass? Not much. So why do we criminalize beauty?”  – LA Times

From Banksy to Fairey, and all that lands on the edges or in between as co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine Stecyk remains socially conscious, globally influential and relevant.   He has participated in more than 300 international exhibitions and a surfboard shaped and painted by Stecyk resides in the Smithsonian.

Art In The Streets link

Hurley Art Wall - Trestles 2011


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