Monday Motivator #11 – The Golden Girl

Yep, Betty White is amazing, and for this generation she re-launched on the scene in a Super Bowl ad for Snickers in 2010.  That parlayed into a grassroots Facebook campaign called “Betty White to Host SNL (Please)” when the group was approaching 500,000 members NBC confirmed she would host SNL at the age of 88.  Hotter than ever, NBC will air her 90th birthday celebration in 2012.

But for those of you who are barely aware of Golden Girls … Who is Betty White?


She was married twice before her marriage to Game Show host Allen Ludden.  They met on the Password when she was a guest.

Betty Marion White moved to California from Illinois during the Great Depression.  After Beverly Hills High she wanted to become a writer but soon found herself modeling and on the radio.  Television found her around 1950 where she had talk shows and acting roles.  Betty White hosted the Rose Parade for years and then national popularity came with her numerous game shows appearances and a role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Mama’s Family then led to Golden Girls.  Regular appearances, cameo’s and voice over work kept her active in Hollywood for quite awhile – and as lovable as she has always been, her A+ list status at 89 was pretty unpredictable. A Reuters 2011 poll stated Betty White was considered to be the most popular and most trusted celebrity among Americans.

Cheers Betty White – we ❤ U.


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