Monday Motivator 38 – Disneyland #thehappiestplaceonearth

Walt Disney and his brother Roy mortgaged everything they owned to raise $17 million to build Disneyland, they fell short of what they needed. ABC Television stepped in, guaranteeing a $6 million loan in exchange for part ownership and Disney’s commitment to produce a weekly television show for ABC.
Disneyland was dedicated at an International Press Preview event that was held on Sunday, 17 July 1955 and opened to the general public the following day.  Fifty + years later over 600 million guests have entered the Magic Kingdom.  From A to E tickets to theme parks around the world, the 20 million dollars spent in the fifties has become an amazing global icon possibly even beyond Disney’s own fantastical dreams.


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivator 38 – Disneyland #thehappiestplaceonearth

  1. Steve, when I went to work at ABC in Hollywood in 1975, some of the guys who mentored me were also on the crew that did this event. I remembered watching it vividly [as a 7 year old kid] and when I was able to hear ‘war stories’ from guys who I was then working along side of, it was almost beyond belief – talk about pioneers . . . .

    BTW, when Leonard Goldenson loaned Walt Disney the money he needed to complete the park, he did not ask for interest. He requested a 20 year installment plan that only had one caveat: he was to receive all the revenue from the parking, food and beverage outlets in the park for those 20 years. A move that Disney soon learned to rue and in fact, it is reported that he never got over it for the rest of their professional relationship. Some say that is one of the reasons that Disneyland moved to NBC.

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