Monday Motivator 43 #imagemakers

San Diego-based photographer Tim Mataoni has sought to show us the people behind iconic photographs by taking portraits of them with their famous works.

Mantoani’s book titled ‘Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends’ consists of 20×24-inch Polaroid portraits including Steve McCurry with his famous Afghan Girl—amongst other equally famous photographers. ( )

According to Mantoani—who shot over 150 of these portraits in the last five years—at a time where everyone and anyone can easily be a photographer, he feels the need to help people understand that iconic photos don’t just happen.

Giving these people a face, he says, helps give them the credit they deserve.

“Without these people and their understanding of photography, these moments would not be there for us to understand and appreciate over the course of time,” he adds.

(via designtaxi)


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