Monday Motivator 55 – earbud, iPod, 2001

Nathaniel Baldwin (December 1, 1878 – January 19, 1961) was the inventor of the headphone in 1910, selling primarily to the U.S. Navy.  There was plenty of development over the past century yet through all the refinement, what defines most people’s listening tool more than the earbud?  Easy to give Apple credit, but as it is usually the case with creation, it’s probably been done in some form before.

May 1926 Science and Invention

The white cables streaming out of ears launched with the iPod in 2001.  Along with the device they came with, it changed the game.

The iPod / iLine … comes with a now-iconic set of basic white earbuds. iPod sales are well over 300 million add in all the other devices and the number of Apple earbuds in circulation becomes a number with a lot of zeros.  During the announcement of the iPhone 5 and the earpod , Apple said that it had shipped 600 million sets of the first generation of earbuds – that’s roughly one for every 12 people on the planet.  Yes, there are other buds of greater and lesser quality, but the creation is just another way Apple influenced a generation. ipod-ad


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