LAX Ted Tokio Tanaka public art MM#64

LAX Visible to all airport visitors, the colorful ring of 100-foot-tall pylons of the Los Angeles World Airports Gateway LAX Enhancement Project are a public art icon into the United States, Los Angeles, and LAX. Architect, Ted Tokio Tanaka, led the team for the airport Beautification Enhancements Program. Tanaka designed a pathway of multi-color glass pylons made of a vertical steel truss wrapped with curved translucent glass panels. The 11 ascending pylons, ranging from 25 to 100 feet tall march down Century Boulevard to render the flight pattern of an airplane taking off into the open sky above the city. Amidst a row of palm trees and lush green landscape, the columns generate the serenity of ancient temples. At the end of the procession of the ascending columns, 15 100-foot-high pylons form a large circle, recalling the formation of the mysterious Stonehenge. Alongside the 32-foot-high letters spelling out “LAX” the entry has become another LA alphanumeric landmark to the Hollywood sign since 8 August 2000. Tanaka


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