V-JDay Eisenstaedt Photo and the Kobra mural

AE250px-Legendary_kiss_V–J_day_in_Times_Square_Alfred_EisenstaedtAlfred Eisenstaedt was a German photographer who was a staff photographer for LIFE Magazine.  15 August 1945 it was his photograph that defined V-J Day,  “an exuberant American sailor kissing a nurse in a dance like dip that summed up the euphoria many Americans felt as the war came to a close.”  He took the image using a Leica IIIa.

http://life.time.com/alfred-eisenstaedt/Kobra NYC _R5A8067

Brasilian artist Eduardo Kobra painted the mural off the High Line in NYC using the Eisenstaedt iconic photo as an inspiration.  Kobra’s work features peace and the original pic symbolizes the triumph of love over war and how America found relief in the silence of the guns as Japan surrendered bringing a close to WWII.





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